All-Russia Public Organization

Women’s Union of Russia

Chairwoman - Lakhova Ekaterina Filippovna, Member of the Federation Council, Ph.D. (Political Sciences)

Deputy Chairwoman - Gul’ko Galina Viktorovna

Our address: 125009 Moscow, Glinischevskyi Lane, 6

Tel +7(495) 629 32 23

Fax: +7(495) 694 02 74

E-mail: wur.rf@yandex.ru

Website: www.wuor.ru

Our slogan: “Our wealth is in diversity, Our strength is in unity”

Women’s Union of Russia (WUR) is an All-Russian public organization established in November 1990. WUR’s activity is aimed at promoting the status of women in society and their role in political, economic, social and cultural life of the country, the status of their families, and elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

Women’s Union of Russia on a voluntary basis unites women’s councils, unions, associations, committees and clubs in 82 Russian regions. In addition, it embraces 33 member organizations, six of them - with the all-Russia status.

Goals and objectives of Women’s Union of Russia: raising the status of women in society and their role in political, economic, social and cultural life of the country; advancement of women to the decision-making level; protection of women’s rights, families and children; involvement in developing state policy in the interests of women, family and children; forming public opinion for the benefit of gender equality policy; promotion of safe and fair society.

The Union implements activities within the framework of Program “EQUALITY. DEVELOPMENT. PEACE in the 21ST century” that consists of six sub-programs.

1 Solid family – stable country” has been a priority for many years. Care for the family, its moral, material, spiritual and ethical well-being, demographic problems, rights of children and their safety should be at the center of attention of any policy. Otherwise, it may render a negative effect on the status of an individual, stability of the family and the society in general.

The program envisages the following projects:  “Rights of the family”,  “Together we are stronger”, “Responsible parenthood – the basis of stable and united Russia”, “Loving family for every child”, “Under one’s father’s wing”, “Healthy and creative longevity (The Third Age)”. The following activities promote demography and contribute to maintaining Russia’s reproductive capacity: “I am going to become a Mom”, “Waiting for the stork to come”, “Welcome, baby”, “Young family”, social and educational project “University of Motherhood”. Charitable events aimed at supporting socially vulnerable people, such as “Care”, “Widows of Russia”, “Let us prepare children for school”, “School bag”, “Urban women help their rural friends”, “Easter days of charity” and others.

2. “For sustainable development and social security” aims at social protection of women in the current political and social situation in Russia, their adaptation to economic reforms, various aspects of market economy, especially under the growing globalization, a widening gap between the rich and the needy, and the increasing number of the poor. The program also aims at environmental education and formation of environmental worldview in society. With this, Women’s Union of Russia calls for continued involvement in the implementation of priority national projects and for implementation of the following projects: solidarity action “I can”, “Women for revival of rural areas”, “Women’s expeditions”, “Against cruelty and violence”, “For clean housing, clean country and clean planet”, “Place of birth – place of education”, “Begin with your home”, “Parade of farmsteads”, “New technologies – new opportunities”, etc.

The program envisages such actions as “I can”, “Rural women of Russia”, and “New technologies – new opportunities”.

3 “For guaranteed equal rights and opportunities for men and women” embraces the whole complex of issues related to the women’s status in society, protection of their political, civil, economic, cultural and social rights, including the right to development. WUOR is engaged in education, organizes scientific conferences, and participates in public expertise of new bills. WUR’s representatives take part in regional election campaigns. The program envisages the implementation of the following activities: “Legal education for women”, “Advancement of women to the decision-making level”, and “School of civic activity”.

At the initiative of Women’s Union of Russia, in 1993, the provision “men and women have equal rights and freedoms and equal opportunities for their realization” was included into the section “Human Rights” of the RF Constitution.

In 1993, Women’s Union of Russia initiated the public and political movement “Women of Russia”. At the first elections to RF State Duma, the movement overcame the necessary 5% barrier thus forming a women’s faction at the Duma for the first time ever.  The faction managed to enact a number of laws aimed at improving the status of women and their families.

4. “Spirituality, culture, and a healthy way of life” contributes to the instilment of moral values, tolerance, cooperation, citizens’ moral responsibility and a healthy way of life. Education in the spirit of loyalty and love for one’s Motherland, development of creativity, children’s exposure to reading, raising the role of libraries, environmental education, promotion of environmental worldview, active involvement in physical culture and sports, developing the skills of health culture; eradication of alcohol and drug addiction, smoking, prostitution, and all forms of violence are the main goals of the program. The program envisages the implementation of the projects “Family values”, “Family reading”, “School library”, “Dynasty”, “Spring salon”, and “Healthy family”, «Women artists – to children”, “Fantasy world”, “From mothers - to daughters, from fathers - to sons”, “Russia is my Motherland”.

5. “For peace, cooperation and friendship” provides for maintaining international contacts, conducting a broad dialogue with foreign women’s public, WUR’s participation in  international forums and conferences promoting women’s status in society, studying positive experience of solving women’s problems in order to promote local changes. WUR is a member of The Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), International Women’s Council (IWC), Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF).   WUR cooperates with specialized UN agencies, has a consultative status at ECOSOC, is associated with the UN Department of Public Information, and holds the UN Honorary Diploma “Messenger of Peace”. The program envisages the following activities and projects: “Let us join hands with each other”, “Russia is our home”, “Where does Motherland begin”, “Great friendship is the best art”.

6. “Advanced practices. New ideas. Positive actions” envisages WUR’s organizational strengthening, establishing women’s councils at workplaces and residential areas, conducting  competitions of women’s organizations, rendering consultative and methodological assistance to WUOR’s regional branches, studying positive experience and its dissemination; organizing training courses on problems of women’s movement, gender and family policy for women- activists, and development of social partnership with the authorities.

The program furthers the development of social partnership with the authorities, and envisages the following projects: “Social partnership”, “From dissociation - to active cooperation”, “Social reception room” and “Public courses for women”.

The governing body of the Union is the Conference that is called at least once in 5 years. During the periods between the conferences, the WUR’s Board serves as the permanent governing body of the Union, with plenary sessions held once a year.

Women’s Union of Russia is represented in the Coordination council on gender issues in the Ministry of Health and Social Development and in the Board of the Social Security Fund. WUR's representatives are involved in activities of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.